Introduction to High Performance Computing for Supercomputing Wales: Setup

To follow this workshop, you will need three things: an account on the Supercomputing Wales facility, an SSH client, and the Filezilla application for transferring files.

Supercomputing Wales

In this workshop we will use the Supercomputing Wales facilities to learn to use High-Performance Computing. For this, you will need an account on the Supercomputing Wales facilities.
  1. Visit My Supercomputing Wales
  2. Sign in with your Swansea University email and password
  3. Fill in the form requesting a Supercomputing Wales account. Your aaccount request will be processed by an administrator.
  4. Once you receive an email indicating that your account has been created, then revisit My Supercomputing Wales, and log in again if necessary.
  5. Click the "Reset SCW Password" button, and enter a password that you will use to access the Supercomputing Wales hardware. (This does not have to be the same as your Swansea University password.) Click Submit.
  6. Under "Join a project", enter as the project code for this training session, and click "Join".


SSH is used to connect to the Unix shell on machines across the network.


  1. If you are using Windows and also following the Unix Shell lesson, then the Git Bash tool installed as part of that lesson will provide you with this.
  2. Otherwise, then download and install PuTTY.


  1. SSH is installed as part of macOS and is available via the Terminal application.


  1. SSH is installed as part of Linux and is available through a terminal/console application.


We will use FileZilla to transfer files to and from the Supercomputing Wales facilities.


  1. Open with your web browser.
  2. Download and run the installer. You only need FileZilla, not FileZilla Pro.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. Note that while the installer may try to convince you to install additional software, you do not need to agree to this; if you do not agree to the additional license agreement, FileZilla will still install.


  1. Open with your web browser.
  2. Download and open the Client bundle. You only need FileZilla, not FileZilla Pro.
  3. Copy the FileZilla app to your Applications folder.


  1. Search for and install FileZilla in your distribution's package manager.